Using Accelerometers in High Temperature Applications

Many industries have rotating machinery designed to operate at temperatures well above the usable ranges of standard IEPE (internal electronics piezo– electric) accelerometers. These applications usually involve machinery that reaches surface temperatures well above 300degrees F (151C). Typical applications include gas turbines, boilers, steam pumps and other machines that can be critical to operating efficiently. For applications such as these, CTC offers several versions of specialty high temp accelerometers.

For some high temperature applications the internal electronics of the IEPE sensors are subject to failure at the elevated temperatures. CTC’s high temperature accelerometer solutions have a fundamentally different construction to solve this problem. The design separates the sensing element from the electronics, with the two permanently connected by a hardline mineral insulated cable. The current offering of these sensors allow the sensor head to be mounted on surfaces with temperatures as high as +350C (+650°F). Due to this separation, the electrical part of the sensor can be installed in a cooler location. This permits the operation of these sensors at significantly higher temperatures while providing overall system performance comparable to CTCs standard accelerometers.

CTC’s flexible, hardline integral cable system ensures that the resistance is con-trolled and constant to the external electronics (HA602 series charge amplifiers), providing superior signal quality and reliability. The integral cable provides optimal reliability by positioning the connector from 4 feet(1.2 meters) standard length, up to 32 feet(10 meters) (special orders only) from measurement point outside of the high temperature environment. Mineral insulated cable, similar to that used with many thermocouples, protects conductors from the environment in order to ensure stable internal resistance levels. The flexible, hardline cable provides rigidity and helps protect data from tribo-electric effects. CTC uses a proprietary compression design and special build techniques to ensure precise and reliable data in the harshest environments, while reducing the effects of thermal transients.

Parts List:
CM362-7A; HA602-A100; HA602-A050; HA602-V100


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