Thermography Category 1

The School is an Infrared Training Center (ITC) licensed to deliver thermography training courses under agreement. ITC is a world leader in IR thermography training with training centres all over the world. MSE thermography courses are available for both public and onsite company registration.

Course Description

The Category 1 ITC Thermography course is an introductory course which prepares participants to become category 1 certified thermographers.

Category 1 thermographers are able to:

  • Apply a specified thermographic measurement technique
  • Set up and operate the thermal imaging equipment for safe thermographic data collection
  • Perform basic fault detection, severity assessment, and diagnosis in accordance with established instructions
  • Perform basic image post-processing (measurement tools, emissivity adjustments, span and scale adjustments, etc.)

Course Dates

There are no more courses scheduled at this time, please check back later.
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