Strain Gauge

This 2 day hands on training enables you to professionally install strain gauges – a vital requirement for deriving conclusive measurements.

The course content covers:

  • Selecting the strain gauge that best suits your application
  • Preparing the measuring point and the strain gauge
  • Correctly installing the strain gauge on different materials and applying different adhesives
  • Soldering the connection wires
  • Protecting the strain gauge against environmental agents
  • Compensating for temperature effects and other disturbance variables
  • The basics of strain gauge wiring (Wheatstone Bridge circuit)
  • Balancing the measurement chain with strain gauges
  • Strain Gauge Measurements using the latest HBM DAQ and software
  • Introduction into Optical Strain Gauges
  • Certificate upon completion of course

Course Dates


17 - 18 Aug
9 - 10 Nov

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