The next chapter in Rotor Dynamics – Coming Soon

The Bently Nevada 5252 Series torsional vibration sensor system provides continuous, accurate monitoring of torsional vibration and torsional natural frequencies of rotating machinery— helping operators avoid conditions that may cause drivetrain or machine damage.

The 5252 Series may also be used for validation and torsional reports. The 5252 is a non-contacting solution for less intrusive and cost-effective installations providing:

Simple installation

  • No shaft preparation
  • Non-contacting
  • Temporary monitoring with ADRE

Continuous monitoring

  • 3500 or Orbit 60 monitors
  • System 1 condition monitoring software

Advanced analytics and diagnostics

  • Validate test stand to operations
  • Torsional analysis reports
  • ADRE diagnostics


  • Reduce the operating exclusion zone margins
  • Track natural frequency changes – machine health, cracks
  • Design verification – entire machine train vs specific test stand machine train change validation – ability to modify existing trains and validate
  • Stress counts – monitor for fatigue life


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