Occupational Noise and Vibration

Occupational Noise Exposure Assessment
NVMS provides complete occupational noise solutions tailored to suit business and regulatory requirements. We work with clients to select the most appropriate equipment to manage noise exposures as well as providing approved training and accredited calibration services. Our clients benefit from our deep knowledge of the use and application of equipment and software for their survey and exposure assessment needs. Our ongoing training ensures the re-knowledge of personnel as and when required ensuring continuity of internal capability.

Noise Survey Equipment and software
From a simple measurement to a detailed noise exposure assessment or a sophisticated noise map, we can provide the right equipment and software to execute these processes effectively.

Your measurements can be imported into our noise mapping software to provide a complete picture of noise contours in your work environment.

Personal Noise Monitoring
We provide equipment for real time assessment of personal noise exposure levels (noise dose). Our noise dosimeters and software assess exposures to ensure noise management and hearing conservation needs are met.

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