QuantumX MXFS: Integrating Optical and Electrical Measurements into One Reliable System

The new QuantumX MXFS optical interrogator is a module from the QuantumX family. As it was developed from HBM FiberSensing’s well-established BraggMETER technology, it is designed for precise measurement of sensors based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG). At the same time, the MXFS is your integration toolkit for the reliable QuantumX data acquisition system.
QuantumX intelligently manages your measurements and is popular for its flexibility, ease of use, modularity, and precision. By combining these two strong players, data information can be easily processed in just one system.

The setup of a highly flexible and precise measurement chain, with all the different sensors required, is simple and can be realized by “plug and measure”. The powerful catman® software can be used for data analysis of all different sensors used.

Two operating modes can be selected by the user:

Normal speed mode, with 100S/s acquisition rate, most suited for monitoring projects or thermal testing of components.
High-speed mode, with 2000S/s acquisition rate, most suited for dynamic monitoring or experimental stress analysis.
Up to 16 Fiber Bragg Grating peaks can be connected in series to each of the 8 optical connectors – with parallel acquisition.

QuantumX MXFS thus offers an impressive 128 channels per module with simultaneous acquisition, which not only reduces the cost per measurement point but also the total cost of ownership.

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