T-Line Power Distribution Panelboard

TECOBAR is a leading professional manufacturer of cast-resin busway system since 1988 and approved by thousands of users worldwide. By integrating our cast-resin innovative technology to the new T-line power distribution panelboard, this whole new product now features the most versatile design concept with easy and simple installation.

With TECOBAR T-LINE Panelboard :
1.High Quality

  • Rated voltage up to 690V
  • Rated current up to 1200A
  • Integrated the most reliable plug-in system
  • The T-LINE main bus is fully encapsulated by epoxy resin (Class B 130°C) with high insulation performance and short circuit strength.
  • Busbar connection eliminates additional tightening

2.High Performance

  • Reduce assembly time by modularization to accommodate attractive costs and short delivery times
  • To add or remove loading while power on without interruption, hot swappable

3.Flexibility of Construction

  • Once transformer capacity is decided, you can make boards
  • Decision of breaker capacity will be made in time shortly before construction of low-voltage power line
  • By adopting a push-type terminal type breaker, the number of mains connection man-hours is greatly reduced
  • Freedom to choose the makers of branch breakers


  • Ingress protection is IP42 and IP55 for the enclosure
  • Certified to IEC standard 61439-2

5.Compact size

  • Plug-on system realizes space saving on installed floor space (reduced to 65%)

6.Easy Maintenance

  • Reconfiguration & inspection can be done from the front


  • Lower total cost (installation, maintenance and modification)
  • Secure wide gutter space, easy maintenance and wiring work
General Data
Standards IEC61439-2 , IEC60529
Model TL02 TL04 TL06 TL08 TL10 TL12
Rated Current (A) 250A 400A 600A 800A 1000A 1200A
Short Circuit Rating (kA/415V) 40 40 70 70 80 80
Rated Voltage (V) 690
Main Type 50/60
Frequency (Hz) MCCB TYPE
Main Bus
Model B04 B04 B08 B08 B12 B12
Conductor Material Copper
Insulation Material Epoxy cast resin
Insulation Class B CLASS 130℃
Pole Number 12P/24P/36P/48P/60P
Branch MCCB Breaker
Pole 1P/2P/3P
MCCB brands Compatible with all major brands
Type Wall mounted / Floor mounted
Protection Rating IP42 standard, IP55 optional
Color MUNSELL 5Y 7/1
Size (WxHxD) (mm)* 900x2100x400 900x2100x400 1100x2100x400 1100x2100x400 1200x2200x400 1200x2200x400
Weight (without branch breaker) (kg)* 263 265 317 320 380 380
※Standard size with 48

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About Tecobar

Established in 1999, TAIAN-ECOBAR TECHNOLOGY (TET) produces cast resin products for the power industry. The Busduct range of insulated busways meets the stringent safety and stability requirements for power distribution where traditional cable and metal-enclosure solutions may no longer be appropriate.
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