Sentinel and Sentinel on Demand

Continuously monitor and manage your real-time environmental impact in urban and industrial areas with a Sentinel.

Product Description

Continuously monitor and manage your real-time environmental impact in urban and industrial areas with a Sentinel (long term) or Sentinel On Demand (short term) service subscription.

Sentinel and Sentinel on Demand
Increase your operational efficiency and productivity within environmental constraints with Sentinel or Sentinel on Demand. The end-to-end systems provide a smarter approach to managing environmental exposure and improving community relations so you can focus on core business activities.

The online subscription services enable you to remotely monitor noise, vibration, dust and air quality to efficiently:

  • Demonstrate environmental compliance
  • Optimize operations
  • Engage the community and respond to complaints

Cost-effective environmental management
The unattended systems let you accurately measure your environmental exposure to maximize site activity within regulatory constraints.

  • Assess noise to reduce your levels and prevent community annoyance
  • Manage excessive vibration to decrease the risk of building damage or disruption to sensitive equipment
  • Monitor dust to diminish impact on surrounding communities and workers
  • Measure air quality to comply with standards

Environmental compliance monitoring systems
Sentinel and Sentinel On Demand enable you to cost-effectively monitor, manage and predict environmental impact to:

  • Automatically report environmental compliance with the click of a button
  • Avoid regulatory penalties that impede operations
  • Gain approval of a planned change that impacts the community
  • Enhance regulator and community relations

The online systems help prevent exceedances by automatically issuing real-time alerts. You can act quickly to avoid breaching set limits and disturbing the community.

Demonstrating environmental compliance
Continuously monitoring environmental levels provides confidence that you’re meeting the terms of your operating license. The simple-to-use hardware and software included enable:

  • Easy review of environmental levels to prove compliance
  • Predictive warnings of potential exceedances so you can quickly make changes and keep within limits
  • Understanding of any gaps in data downloads
  • Detection of invalid measurements due to poor weather conditions
  • Hassle-free system health checks for peace of mind everything is working as it should
  • Remote review of instrument status

Regulatory compliance reporting
Sentinel and Sentinel On Demand deliver data ready for reporting.

Report how you’re performing against environmental standards, and modify policies, procedures and plans to show how mitigation techniques are working.

Easily compile information in a variety of ways including a graphical overview of the environmental situation and data summaries for specified periods such as daily, weekly or monthly.

How Sentinel and Sentinel On Demand work

One or more noise, vibration, weather, dust or air quality monitoring terminals are located at a designated site. If environmental levels exceed set limits, the system issues real-time alerts that enable you to immediately act to mitigate impact.

Both services provide everything needed to monitor 24/7 including equipment, data capture, records management, calibration and fault rectification. You also can subscribe to the services using your own compatible instruments.

Measured data is communicated via an internet connection to the cloud, where it remains available for easy access and sharing.

The services’ secure, scalable architecture is monitored 24 hours a day by our operations center to deliver the performance, reliability and accessibility you require.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly make better informed decisions to reduce exposure
  • Transparently share real-time and historical information online to develop community trust and tolerance
  • Decrease complaints that may lead to costly investigations and operational restrictions or delays
  • Reduce human/financial resources required for environmental impact management
  • Use trusted third-party monitoring to transparently show credible data that stands up to scrutiny
  • Focus on core business with reliable monitoring providing peace of mind