Ranger Pro

70M303 – Ranger*Pro wireless vibration sensor package.

Product Description

GE’s Bently Nevada Ranger*Pro is a wireless vibration sensor package used by plant managers and operators in the oil & gas, power generation and industrial markets. Ranger*Pro enables plant operators to optimize the reliability of low- and medium-criticality machines.

It is a case-mounted seismic sensor solution for roller element bearing (REB) machines. Featuring a locally available battery and hazardous ratings, and ISA100 Wireless Network Protocol, Ranger*Pro compliments your predictive management program with cost effective data collection.

Features and Benefits

The Ranger*Pro wireless vibration sensor enables managers and operators in the oil & gas, power generation and adjacent industrial markets achieve the following benefits:

  • 50% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Reduce the number of unplanned machine failures by 55%,
  • Increase machinery life by 30%.
  • Increases machine health awareness on low and medium criticality assets and compliments existing reliability programs at a low cost per point
  • Enables strategic, data-driven maintenance decision and planning
  • Enables asset monitoring in unsafe and hard-to-reach areas

Ranger*Pro is a low cost entry to condition monitoring and a better solution than offline, periodic monitoring programs. Coupled with GE’s System 1* condition monitoring and diagnostics software, this flexible and scalable system extends earlier detection of machinery and process problems to more machines.