Noise mapping for industry, road traffic, rail traffic, air traffic and wind turbines.

Product Description

Complete solution
The Predictor-LimA Software Suite is the complete solution for all environmental noise projects. Noise predictions for industry, roads, railways, aircraft and wind turbines are all supported. The software is used by acoustic consultants, environmental authorities, heavy industries and educational institutes.

The suite bundles the intuitive Predictor GUI and flexible LimA GUI in one powerful package that provides the best solution for whichever project you have, from small-scale industrial situations to large-scale city noise mapping.






Predictor: Analyst method for importing and cumulating calculated results from any noise prediction software






Predictor: Road traffic model and industrial model






Predictor: 3D view of Blanes in Spain

Configurations and prices
Predictor-LimA is available directly from Softnoise as a 1-year rental license and as perpetual license in 5 configurations 7810-I, 7810-C, 7810-G, 7810-A and 7810-B. Prices start at 495 Euro per year. All 5 configurations include the intuitive Predictor GUI. The 7810-G, 7810-A and 7810-B configurations also include the flexible LimA GUI.

Why Predictor-LimA?

  • Most intuitive and powerful software on the market
  • Attractive 1-year rental prices, starting at 624 Euro per year
  • Attractive maintenance and upgrade prices for perpetual licenses
  • Direct support from Softnoise, the developers
  • Optional multi-user Cloud Calculation Service
  • ISO 17534 Quality Assured (e.g. ISO 9613 and CNOSSOS

Predictor-LimA application types