Partial Discharge Diagnostics

Online PD Diagnostics

Product Description

Online PD Diagnostics – Tier II

  • Multi-channel 6 ,12 channels
  • High sampling rates up to 100MHz
  • Portable Battery-Powered Unit
  • Locate and characterize PD insdie oil-filled Transformers, Cables
    Substations, GIS, Switchgear
  • 3D triangulation PD inside of transformers
  • Acoustic and Electromagnetic Source Localization



UHF Sensor
UHF Sensor – Electromagnetic Waves (EM) is emitted when PD occurs. The UHF sensor is a special antennae with a response range from 300MHz to 1.5GHz. virtually all types of partial discharge have an emission in this range. The UHF sensor is the most versatile PD sensor.

HFCT Sensor
HFCT sensors are used to measure energy which is induced onto the grounds during a partial discharge activity. High Frequency Current Transformers are a reliable method to measure induced PD signals on the grounds.

Acoustic Contact (AE)​
Acoustic Contact Probe has a response from 20kHz – 300kHz. When PD occurs in a dense insulation medium such as oil or SF6, the acoustic emission attenuates at a high frequency which is inaudible and also will not travel through air. These acoustic sensors are highly sensitive. Acoustic PD testing is a powerful, sensitive, and reliable method of discovering and characterizing PD activity in oil-filled and SF6 insulated power apparatus.