Partial Discharge and Infrared Detection Kit

Online Insulation Testing – PD Testing for Substations

PDStar is the ideal tool for condition-based maintenance programs. Online partial discharge testing is a method of inspecting the insulation of electric power systems while equipment remains energized and in service. PDetector incorporates all 5 types of online PD sensor technology. Information from multiple sensors gives PDetector the versatility to detect all types of PD in all types of substation apparatus. Furthermore, the exact type of PD activity can be determined using PRPS: void, corona, surface, particle, or floating electrode.

Infrared Technology has been applied with PD technology together by PDStar.


  • Power Cables
  • Transformers
  • GIS
  • Switchgear
  • Substation Apparatus

Sensor Technology: Detection Bandwidth

Electromagnetic (EM)

  • TEV – Transient Earth Voltage (built-in to the main handheld unit) 3MHz – 100MHz
  • UHF – Ultra High Frequency – 300MHz – 1.5GHz
  • HFCT – High Frequency Current Transformer 500kHz – 50MHz

Acoustic Sensors (AE)

  • Acoustic Contact – 20kHz- 300kHz
  • Airborne Ultrasonic – 40kHz

Infrared Image Sensor(Infrared)

Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) – PD activity produces both electromagnetic and acoustic emissions. PRPD mode will automatically relate the occurrence of the incoming signals to the power frequency 60Hz (or 50Hz). This gives the user the ability to instantly determine if PD is present.

Software – Data Managment

PC Software is included. Enables you to build a network tree which includes all of the assets which are periodically tested. Each test file is stored and trended.

  • Intelligent PD Recognition Software
  • Trending – Programmable warnings and alarms
  • CSV Data Export to other asset management software
  • RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – Small RFID tags can be used to automatically associate test data with specific assets. Automated Data Entry
  • Intelligent Patrol – Engineers can create a procedure with all test points in a list. The test point is selected on the list and the measurement data is stored and associate with the test point.
  • Create reports in JPEG, Excel, or MS Word.

PD asset management capabilities: allows you to RFID tag all your electrical assets. The RFID tag (Radio Frequency Identification) can be attached to your specific MV and HV electrical assets and then use our Intelligent Patrol methodology.

This feature and method allows Predictive Maintenance information such as Asset ID #, substation name, and electrical asset name, current and historical Insulation condition values to be electronically scanned, stored and saved. It provides a new test number each time a new test is conducted on the electrical asset, produces reports and data sheets as well as housing this information on a windows based platform.

Training and Support
We include an online training session with purchase of PDetector. The live web session typically takes 4 hours for the user to be ready to use a PDetector.


UHF Ultra High Frequency

300MHz - 1.5GHz Transmitted Electromagnetic Waves (EMI) are emitted when PD occurs. The UHF sensor is a special antenna with a response range from 300MHz to 1.5GHz. Virtually all types of partial discharge have an emission in this range. The UHF sensor is the most versatile PD sensor. For convenience and safety, it interfaces wirelessly with the main handheld PDetector unit.

TEV Transient Earth Voltage

3MHz to 100MHz Induced TEV signals serve as a good indicator of PD activity in metal-clad switchgear. These RF signals can be induced on surrounding metal work and adjacent switchgear panels. The TEV sensor is built-in to the main handheld unit. It also serves as an important safety tool for personnel approaching apparatus whose condition is unknown.

HFCT High Frequency Current Transformer

500kHz - 50MHz HFCT sensor is a split core CT with High freuency response. It does not respond to 60Hz power. PD activity induces a HF current pulses onto surronding grounds. For safety and conveneince , the HFCT sensor is connected wirelessly to the main handheld analyzer.

Acoustic Contact

20kHz -300kHz PD inside of oil-filled equipment or SF6 equipment will have an acoustic emission at a high frequency near 90kHz in SF6 and near 160kHz in oil. These emissions do not travel through air. The contact probe is used by placing the sensor onto the transformer or GIS tank. A vacuum gel is used to bridge the airgap and ensure the signal is received by the probe. Acoustic contact measurements are very sensitive. Very small PD signals can be detected and characterized. Also because they travel at the speed of sound, the origin of the signals can be triangulated using multiple sensors simultaneously.

Airbourne Acoustic

40kHz Ultrasonic PD activity which is at or near the surface of an insulator will produce an ultrasonic and sometimes audible emission. Surface tracking and corona always produce airborne emissions. Other types of PD may also produce a detectable acoustic emissions. Three ultrasonic sensors are included in the kit. The range is from 20kHz to 80kHz with a center frequency of 40kHz. Surface tracking and corona are common types of PD on insulators and bushings. It can be easily detected and confirmed using the airborne ultrasonic dish.

Wireless Phase Sync

The charger is used to charge the main handheld unit as well as the two wireless transmitters. A mini USB cable is used for charging as well as transfer of onboard data to PC. The charger also doubles as a wireless transmitter of the local power frequency to the main handheld unit. Simply plug the charger into an outlet which is fed by one phase of the power system under test. PDetector automatically detects and syncs the PRPD with the known local power frequency. This feature enhances the resolution of the PDetector and gives the ability to determine the exact type of PD activity.

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Modern diagnostic technology enables T&D companies to perform asset condition assessments on live energized power apparatus without any service interruption. No outages or de-energization of substations is required in order to perform critical diagnostic tests. Most importantly, these strategies are affordable and cost-effective. Power asset managers can realize cost savings in the millions or tens of millions while the implementation costs are in the tens of thousands.

With manufacturing facilities in the heart of Silicon Valley PMDT provides local access to high quality American-made circuit boards and components. We provide patented, reliable and robust equipment with with state-of-the-art capabilities for insulation testing of energized power equipment. Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, UL listed.

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