HBM LabVIEW Driver

Drivers for Connecting HBM Data Acquisition Systems to LabVIEW

Product Description

The HBM drivers for LabVIEW allow you to conveniently integrate HBM’s QuantumX, SomatXR, PMX, MGCplus, Genesis HighSpeed and PACEline CMD data acquisition systems into LabVIEW.

Drivers for Connecting HBM Data Acquisition Systems to LabVIEW

HBM offers different drivers for integrating HBM’s DAQ (data acquisition) systems into LabVIEW. Benefit from precise DAQ systems and convenient integration into LabVIEW!

For QuantumX, SomatXR, PMX, and MGCplus use the HBM LabVIEW Driver:

  • User-friendly encapsulation of the device functions in VIs (Virtual Instruments)
  • Data from multiple devices and channels can be acquired with only eight VIs
  • VIs available complete with user interfaces for device scan and channel selection
  • Commented examples and documentation for easy introduction

Customers of these three data acquisition systems from HBM benefit twice: General commands such as device scan, channel selection, and measurement are the same for these three systems so no re-programming of these components is required when changing over to new hardware.

For Genesis HighSpeed and Perception:

  • LabVIEW can be used to control HBM’s Perception software (and the Genesis HighSpeed hardware through this) using the Perception RPC/COM API. This also includes an ActiveX interface.
  • The GEN DAQ API can be used for direct integration of the Genesis HighSpeed hardware into LabView. This allows access to hardware settings like acquisition control or loading/saving configurations.

For PACEline CMD600:

  • Functionality is provided in LabVIEW through VIs
  • The driver is provided for free in the PACEline CMD600 download section with an example and documentation