Evidas DAQ

The software of a data acquisition (DAQ) system is key to the success of your measurement task.

Product Description

EVIDAS Data Acquisition Software: Just Two Clicks to Get Your Measurement Results
The software of a data acquisition (DAQ) system is key to the success of your measurement task. The faster and simpler to obtain your results, the better for your performance. As your friend, the EVIDAS data acquisition software manages millions of acquired datasets and delivers the outcome, just like a brain – your DAQ brain. So, why not use your DAQ brain as your everyday tool to support yourself?

EVIDAS offers modern and open software interfaces. With an outstanding usability, it turns your test and measurement tasks into fun. It gets you to your measurement results in two simple steps. Connect your selection of intelligent sensors (TEDS) to your measurement device and start your measurement right away. The intuitive design and clean workflow of EVIDAS software provides you with an outstanding visual feedback.

The innovative channel and signal configuration eases and accelerates your measurement task. Besides the use of the sensor database and TEDS, EVIDAS offers two more ways in which you can configure your data:

The individual channel configuration dialog shows all the settings and results at a glance and, thus, makes it particularly easy to use.
The configuration of channels in the channel table allows you to work directly as in Excel® and swiftly manage large channel counts.
With this powerful software, you can review your past and current recordings while acquiring new data. Store different data formats in the same job, without any time consuming export routines. Furthermore, you can choose between five languages: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, and French. After you have acquired your data it can be uploaded automatically to the HBM Cloud-Storage and you can share it with your colleagues around the globe. Use the possibility of IoT streaming to send the measured data directly to IoT endpoints such as Microsoft Power BI* or Bosch PPM* and visualize the data live online.

Fast to Reliable Data
Open EVIDAS and press start – Your data is being acquired and stored!

Speaking Design
Benefit from a clean straightforward workflow providing visual feedback.

Cloud Integration
Transfer your acquired data to the HBM Cloud-Storage for access from anywhere in the world. Stream your measurement data to different IoT endpoints.

Application Experts
Are you feeling stuck with your measurement task? Contact our HBM Application Experts – we are ready to help you.

EVIDAS – Your new best friend
This video shows key functions of the EVIDAS software and explains how to use it.