APM Health

Gain a unified view of operations – anytime, anywhere.

Product Description

Asset Health

APM Health, part of Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM), manages data across a variety of assets and systems, creating a comprehensive and validated data repository and unified view related to expected performance at the asset, plant, and enterprise levels. By solving the challenge of data disparity and latency associated with the management of industrial assets, APM Health, provides a real-time view of asset health and condition status, delivers early warning of potential failures, and highlights elevated risk areas.

Benefits of APM Health

  • Contextualize asset performance

Bring together data from operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems, alarms, and events to give a contextualized view of asset performance.

  • Prevent unplanned downtime, increase utilization

Detect and diagnose asset performance issues to help prevent unplanned downtime and increase asset utilization.

  • Increase visibility

Gain increased visibility for better decision making through user-specific dashboards and unified data views that provider operational insights to drive business outcomes.

Features of APM Health

  • Health manager

Health manager leverages data collected to determine and report the current health of the asset in its operating context. It provides anomaly detection by calculating metrics and driving rule based exceptions. Health manager supports both continuous surveillance via data monitoring as well as discrete or periodic surveillance via rounds and calibration management.

  • Rounds

Rounds allows workers to collect data in the field using mobile devices. Through automated alerting built into the solution, the user will receive real time instructions for what to do and how to react to the situations in the field. Recommendations can also be created to follow up on any issues identified in the field. Data collected while the mobile device is offline is saved securely on the device until reconnected and synchronized with Predix APM.

  • Calibration management

Calibration management provides tools and work processes for streamlining and managing the calibration of instrumentation and critical plant devices in order to improve the performance of instrumentation systems and optimize the instrument calibration strategies across the entire enterprise.