The AnomAlert Anomaly Detector continuously monitors motors, generators, and the accompanying loads and drivers for electrical and mechanical faults, communicating real-time condition-monitoring data to System 1 software for alarming and evaluation.

It’s sensors and detection system are always testing for and recording existing and any potential faults on or within motors, generators, or the equipment they belong to. The system’s control center will also analyze the current and voltage coming from any machine to monitor the electrical supply for issues.

The anomalies detected are not only electrical or major issues. The AnomAlert can detect short circuits, a misplaced ball bearing, or a loose winding. The AnomAlert Anomaly Detector can help keep your machinery in its best condition.

Motors AnomAlert Product Overview

Motors AnomAlert Product Features
The AnomAlert Anomaly Detection System works to identify any potential flaws in machinery or electrical supplies, and has features to reveal these faults to you before too much damage-or any-damage can occur.

  • Identifies faults – Continuously identifies existing and developing faults on electric motors and their driven equipment or on 3-phase ac generators and their prime movers.
  • Applies Model-Based Method – Uses a model-based approach to measure the current and voltage signals to the motor, or from the generator.
  • Reveals Anomalies – Detects mechanical anomalies such as unbalance, misalignment and roller bearing faults; electrical anomalies including loose windings, short circuits, voltage and current imbalances; and process anomalies such as cavitation or plugged filters and screens.

Motors AnomAlert System Compatible Services

Bently Nevada offers the following services that will support your AnomAlert monitoring system in keeping your machinery in the best condition.

  • System Maintenance & Availability
  • Machinery Diagnostic Services
  • Machinery Health Audits
  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Site Project Management
  • Design, Installation & Commissioning


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About Bently Nevada

Baker Hughes suite of ground breaking Bently Nevada rack-based and distributed machinery condition monitoring software and hardware solutions, vibration monitoring equipment and sensors enable greater asset reliability and enhanced efficiency for your operations, backed by an expert global support system.
Bently Nevada

The Bently Nevada product line has been synonymous with machinery protection and condition monitoring for more than 50 years. From refineries and petrochemical plants to hydroelectric facilities and wind farms, Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring offers trusted and proven vibration monitoring equipment and a comprehensive services portfolio to help improve the reliability and performance of production assets like turbines, compressors, motors, generators, and everything in between.

Machine condition monitoring combines advanced hardware, intelligent software, and trusted service and support – providing a broad, connected view of your operations. Together, they enable you to mitigate risk, boost safety, and reduce maintenance costs, while improving equipment reliability, uptime, and efficiency.

Hardware monitoring systems and sensors protect your equipment and collect rich condition monitoring and diagnostic data for analysis.
Condition monitoring and diagnostics software, like System 1, connects real-time and historical data from production equipment to help you anticipate failure before it occurs.
With scalable deployment and ongoing support service offerings, you can ensure that you’re maximizing the value of your condition monitoring program.

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