Machine Protection & Monitoring

NVMS provides machine protection systems for the complete range of rotating and reciprocating equipment from highly critical to balance of plant assets.

We specialise in the application and delivery of solutions across all industry sectors. This covers API670 compliant technology, TUV, SIL approved systems, wired and wireless solutions and portable data collection.

Our capability includes development, engineering, procurement, proving, delivery, support and training.

Balance of Plant Monitoring

Traditionally balance of plant (BOP) was a term used for equipment that did not have an online monitoring solution applied to it.

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Legacy System Upgrade

NVMS carries out comprehensive site audits that provide recommendations on upgrades and optimisation of current machine protection and monitoring systems.

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Greenfield and Plant Expansion

NVMS has delivered solutions for plant extensions, upgrades, turnarounds and brownfield projects for over 25 years.

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Noise Monitoring

Managing environmental noise from industrial activity is becoming increasingly important, to meet both legal compliance requirements and community expectations.

We provide a range of fixed and portable short, medium and long-term permanent monitoring systems. Our noise monitoring solutions are deployed into mining, construction, transport, commerce, entertainment and general industry.

NVMS provides regulatory and company tailored training to enable our clients to implement and sustain their noise and vibration management program.

Noise Management

Noise management means more than just noise measurement.

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Product Noise

NVMS offers a range of product noise measurement solutions including sound intensity, vehicle pass-by and NVH systems, multi-microphone arrays and acoustic cameras.

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Construction Noise and Vibration

Infrastructure development inevitably means noise emissions and often ground vibration.

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Noise Modelling

From simple noise contours and basic prediction packages to highly-complex and detailed modelling applications.

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Architectural Acoustics

Our range of sound analysers, noise sources, amplifiers and software is ideally suited to architectural and building acoustics applications.

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Occupational Noise and Vibration

End to end noise and vibration solutions.

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Environmental Noise and Vibration

NVMS offers the complete range of environmental noise monitoring solutions, from a single-point attended measurement to multi-point plant-wide permanent compliance assessment systems.

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Stress, Strain and Torque

By understanding the needs of clients, we provide complete measurement solutions from sensors and data acquisition systems to post processing data analysis.

We have extensive experience helping clients measure and gather data in challenging environments including underwater, underground, in road, in flight. high pressure, high & low temperature, corrosive, hazardous, high vibration, dirty and dusty.

Pantograph Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of contact forces and acceleration between pantograph and catenary in regularly operated railway vehicles is fundamental for a modern predictive maintenance approach. For a safe and accurate measurement on high voltage levels, we recommend a purely optical measurement chain. Acquiring optical sensor information in parallel to vehicle bus signals and position sensing (GNSS) […]

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Process and Level Weighing

NVMS provides clients with the matching digital load cell as well as suitable weighing electronics and software – all components from a single source, tailored to suit the application. Our digital weighing solutions allows clients to build their own check weigher for packaging lines enhancing our clients competitiveness. Dosing is an incredibly fast and accurate […]

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Scale Manufacturing

Our scale manufacturing solutions are leading the way in weighbridge manufacturing by offering robust and accurate measurement capabilities coupled with the analysis of real time data. Engineering teams use NVMS weighing solutions to calculate accurate weight allocation when designing and manufacturing Tanks, Silos, Reactors, Vessels and Hoppers. Additionally, in mass production environments where accurate content […]

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Industrial Measurement and Control

NVMS provides end to end solutions from sensor hardware wiring and integration as well as software.

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Structural Health Monitoring

NVMS provides solutions to assist asset managers determine the actual life expectancy of a structure and in some cases extend life expectancy with a variety of monitoring systems. Our solutions enable the observation of structural changes in real time allowing engineers to implement maintenance programs to strengthen or repair damaged locations.

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Power Train Testing

It is becoming more important to increase mechanical output power, improve efficiency, protect energy resources and reduce environmental pollution. Which is why the demands made on test stands are constantly getting more stringent. Test stands have an important role to play in developing engines, powertrain components and brakes. NVMS can tailor the solution to the […]

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Switch Gear Testing

Power grid operators demand switchgear that offers maximum reliability. Therefore, switchgear testing is a must. The power grid operators require data acquisition systems, fiber optic isolated digitizer, test sequencer and analysis software. NVMS is your single solution provider and can supply the complete system with all the needed components.

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Acquisition Systems and Analysis Software

The rail monitoring product range provided by NVMS covers almost all area for developing, checking, controlling and monitoring of mobile rail equipment and rail infrastructure.

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Research & Development

We understand the complexities of delivering mobile data acquisition solutions in harsh Australian conditions.

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Structural and Durability Testing

NVMS offers you reliable solutions for short or long term bridge monitoring systems. From electrical and optical sensors to data acquisition systems, we offer the complete measurement chain for monitoring civil structures.

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