NVMS now supply CTC condition monitoring products

NVMS has just signed a distribution agreement with New York-based Connection Technology Centre Inc. (CTC). This is great news for anyone interested in monitoring machine health with more than a monthly measurement.

Designed to work perfectly with our Commtest and Bently Nevada portable and permanent online devices, CTC simply makes the task safe, easy and quick.

With factory-direct support and our renowned subject matter expertise around condition monitoring hardware, the NVMS and CTC technology partnership will render benefits for clients. CTC products represent quality and value and along side CTC’s extremely competitive prices we also offer an unconditional lifetime warranty.

CTC offer reliable products in the vibration monitoring and machinery protection industry. If any CTC vibration analysis hardware product should ever fail, we will repair or replace it at no charge.

Thousands of products

CTC products include 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500mV/g accelerometers, dual output accelerometers with temperature, hazardous area and intrinsically safe sensors including C1D2, CSA/ATEX and IECEx certification.

Connecting to these are every type of cable you can imagine with plugs and armouring to suit any environment. Whether you’re connecting to a BNC panel or a permanent monitor CTC have the right junction boxes, mounting hardware, magnetic bases and motor fin mount probes.

Getting Connected

At NVMS we help facilitate organisational migration from reactive and preventative maintenance toward an approach where predictive maintenance takes centre stage for the majority of your higher risk, production sensitive rotating assets. The end-game for asset performance management is the world of ‘big data’ and ‘intelligent machines’. It all starts by getting live, insightful data from assets.


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