NVMS drives new product development in partnership with technology partner CTC

The need for this product was uncovered by a senior NVMS technician during project delivery. A large mining OEM needed a simultaneous multichannel vibration monitor to model how their machines behave in production and over their operational life. This called for detection in all axis, with triaxial and biaxial accelerometers chosen to reduce cabling and installation requirements. The vibration monitoring platform chosen was System 1 from Bently Nevada however the industry standard CTC design did not suit the latest generation of Bently Nevada instruments. This incompatibility was a major setback and was scoped by our team and presented to our technology partner CTC.

CTC embraced this immediately and in a matter of weeks a new product was developed, tested with the client and delivered to NVMS for validation and testing. The availability of this new Inverse Voltage Triaxial Accelerometer has created a unique product in the global market and reinforces the strong relationship with between CTC and NVMS. The triaxial and biaxial accelerometers can be used with the latest generation of Baker Hughes Bently Nevada / Commtest products providing multi-axis vibration measurement in a compact form factor and monitors radially and axially simultaneously.

CTC provides the widest variety of high-quality accelerometers, vibration sensors, cables, and connectors for industrial use in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications. CTC have an industry leading product portfolio supported by an unconditional lifetime warranty on a range of products.

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