New catman 5.0 released

HBM have released the latest version of their data visualisation, analysis, storage and reporting software.

New Features in catman 5.0


  • Carry out parallel recordings using a single data recorder (individual files, triggers)
  • Save data locally and transfer it automatically to FTP servers or the Cloud
  • App HBM Push: Define events in catman to get push notifications on your mobile device
  • Integrate Vaisala weather transmitter to measure wind speed, humidity, rain fall etc

Mobile DAQ

  • Acquisition, display and analysis of CAN raw data
  • Extended support of CCP/XCP communication

General New Features

  • Zoom function for a more detailed visualization
  • Favorite folders in PostProcess

Lab Testing

  • Use data recorder CX22B-W as firewire to Ethernet gateway
  • New peak valley computation


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