Know your Vibration Risk to Reduce Impact

Reduce the risk of structural damage, equipment failure and physical harm from excessive vibration with the innovative Vibration Monitoring Terminal from our technology partner EMS Brüel & Kjær.

Mining and construction

The simple-to-use device can protect against structural damage from construction and mining operations. It automatically delivers alerts via email or SMS to avoid breeching set limits; enables remote data transmission to reduce site visits; and provides data to show regulatory compliance and consideration of neighbor comfort.

Road and rail traffic
The VMT is able to assess vibration from road and rail traffic via continuous vibration measurement. It enables efficient background surveys prior to new construction and routinely assesses daily operations to evaluate the effectiveness of vibration mitigation techniques.

Sensitive equipment and artifacts
The unit monitors and sends alerts regarding ambient vibration levels close to sensitive hospital imaging equipment, semiconductor manufacturing plants, historical buildings and museums. The highly sensitive geophone delivers accurate data that helps ensure reliable operation of vibration-sensitive equipment to avoid costly errors, incorrect results and the risk of machine and artifact damage.

Key features include:

  • A complete set of measurement metrics for a wide range of applications
  • Real-time data availability, including remote access
  • Robust unit with inbuilt communications and system health monitoring
  • Alerts based on level and time of day (with Sentinel)
  • A single geophone capable of measuring to different standards
  • Easy installation and high uptime
  • Low power consumption and operating costs
  • Support by our service and technical experts

The self-contained unit includes sensor conditioning, processing, storage and communication over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or digital mobile communications. The rugged aluminium enclosure is water and dust proof to an IP67 rating for continuous, long-term use in harsh outdoor
The terminal can be used as a standalone device or with our Sentinel environment monitoring service for comprehensive, multi-location noise, vibration and air quality compliance monitoring.

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