Improving predictive maintenance with oil condition monitoring.

As its name suggests, predictive maintenance aims to determine the condition of equipment in-use and predict when maintenance activities need to be undertaken. The objective is to minimise maintenance costs whilst maximising machine availability.
This strategy differs from preventative maintenance where timed or calendar maintenance is undertaken based on historical or simulation data. The preventative maintenance approach can lead to unnecessary use of resource when the machinery duty cycle is considered.

Predictive maintenance can offer savings over preventative maintenance by allowing work to be undertaken only when required. The problem arising with a predictive routine is how do you determine the condition of the machinery? The causes of failure for a high speed electric motor, for example, can be very different from a hydraulic system.

The measurement of machinery health is defined as Condition Monitoring. There are a range of condition monitoring techniques, including the innovative oil debris sensors from Gill Sensors & Controls. In this paper we look at which techniques achieve the best results over the broadest range of parameters.

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