Every Asset is now within reach

Wireless is no longer a novelty. It’s mainstream. Gone are the days of bulky devices with huge antennas, batteries that last weeks instead of years, unforgiving point‑to-point transmission instead of robust mesh topologies, and data streams that allow for little more than trending instead of the rich spectral content suitable for true diagnostics and machinery insights. You can now embrace wireless without compromising your expectations.

The Ranger Pro™ system represents more than a decade of refinement and innovation, taking all that we learned in our first generation of Ranger and EI.mesh devices, improving it, and offering the industry’s most connected, capable, and comprehensive wireless solution. With our wireless Ranger Pro hardware, our broad portfolio of portable and wired condition monitoring hardware, and our System 1 ecosystem to bring it all together seamlessly, every asset is truly within reach.

The right data for the right results

When you look closely at many wireless offerings, you’ll start to see a lot of “not exactlys”:

  • Not exactly the high-frequency range you need to do rolling element bearing diagnostics with acceleration‑based measurement
  • Not exactly the collection intervals you need to provide proper surveillance/condition monitoring
  • Not exactly an open protocol that conforms to prevalent industrial wireless standards like ISA100 and WirelessHart™,allowing interoperability with other devices from other suppliers
  • Not exactly integrated with an ecosystem capable of condition monitoring for all your various data streams, whether portable, wired, or wireless
  • Not exactly the flexibility to choose a hosted subscription solution or an on‑premises perpetual solution
  • Not exactly the footprint you need for both triaxial vibration measurements and temperature from a single, compact device
  • Not exactly the full dataset you expect with both overall and full waveform data
  • Why settle for “not exactly” when you can have exactly what you need with Ranger Pro.

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