Direct Drive Fan

With increased business demands on safety, productivity, reliability and people NVMS has developed a range of Packaged Solutions to enable our customers to get connected to assets in a cost effective manner.

They are delivered in three levels:

  • Level 1 – provides application advice, connection, installation and output to portable collectors
  • Level 2 -01 – includes everything in level 1 with monitoring capabilities
  • Level 2-02 – includes everything in level 1 and 2 with safety functionality

NVMS’s Packaged Solution for Direct Drive Fans enable customers to standardise and streamline monitoring techniques. Designed to monitor key locations on the Motor, Gearbox and Output Shafts ensures that all necessary information is captured to better understand the equipment health.

The NVMS Packaged Solutions provides a turnkey solution from site survey to installation, training and ongoing support.

Level 1 Level 2-01 Level 2-02

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