Oil Condition Sensor for ferrous debris, temperature and water contamination

Preventative Maintenance and Run To Failure puts machinery operators at a significant cost and operational disadvantage through replacing parts prematurely or, because of unscheduled downtime.

Particularly for operators where a catastrophic failure is likely to cause severe disruption with punitive financial repercussions, is why engineers who are able to implement predictive maintenance have a distinct competitive advantage.

Introducing the Gill Oil Condition Sensor.

Easily retrofittable, it can provide you with continuous oil condition monitoring through accurately measuring ferrous contamination and temperature in gearbox, transmission and hydraulic oil.

Using technology which Gill developed for Formula One racing, it differentiates between regular fine ferrous wear particles, and large ferrous particles, which are indicative of a developing failure.

By having this calibre of live condition monitoring, the advance warning allows you to have sufficient time to investigate and plan repair within a planned maintenance period.

In situations where large ferrous particles are detected as part of a failure actively taking place, you are able to plan emergency maintenance at the earliest opportunity.

The Gill Oil Condition Sensor also monitors oil temperature and its dielectric constant, which further aids it giving the earliest possible warning of problems and potential failure.

The sensors run on a 6-26v DC supply, has an optional visual local alarm signal box, and offers either a 4-20mA, Voltage or CAN output. Gill can provide continual live monitoring wirelessly, with installation from our global wireless service providers.

For use in static and mobile equipment applications, the Gill Oil Condition Sensor allows you to effortlessly transition to reaping the financial and operational benefits which predictive maintenance offers.

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