NVMS delivers permanent monitoring solution for critical refrigeration assets


The critical refrigeration compressor at a large food processing facility relied on intermittent Vibration Analysis collected by a consultant during their systematic routes. The customer was aware that this was not an ideal situation as failure could result in spoilage and unwanted downtime.


  • Our team scoped and delivered a permanent solution to monitor these critical assets by installing accelerometers, cables and a vbOnlinePRO Simultaneous 12-channel vibration monitor.
  • The permanently mounted accelerometers and cables were selected to suit the rugged environment and specific needs identified
  • Once installed and commissioned the sensor signals were verified using a calibrated shaker and double checked with a portable vibration data collector.
  • The acquired machine vibration data was connected via Modbus TM over ethernet to the plant historian, for alert and alarming functionality. This allowed operators to view asset health trending data and alarm history.


  • During commissioning the site electrical lead viewing dynamic data noticed that one of the screw compressors had a high vibration and was instantly identified for further investigation. This enabled the business to mitigate a potential failure.
  • The team identified further scope to grow the install base and are looking at staff training and adding the diagnostic software platform which will provide greater visibility across the facility.
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