Upgrading technology for better site-wide condition monitoring

NewGen’s maintenance team were relying on protection systems to safeguard their assets, collecting vibration data via an outside contractor once a month. Without the monitoring equipment to collect and analyse data themselves, the team didn’t have visibility of early fault signals that could help them avoid trips and failures.

With a small team to keep equipment running, Maintenance and Outage Supervisor Tim Harrison wanted to increase their ability to detect faults early and give all stakeholders access to the data they need to improve reliability.

Tim Harrison wanted to upgrade on-site equipment and allow the team to do some of its own analysis, but the significant cost of upgrading was an objection from management.

NVMS devised an upgrade path that would arrive at the team’s preferred  solution: GE’s System 1, a system that brings all process and monitoring data into one platform for analysis.

Benefits of a better system Improved on-site data collection capability has given NewGen Power Kwinana the ability to cut costs on external contractors.

Tim Harrison said the customer service from NVMS has been first class. Not only did NVMS come to site to help during the sales process, but they helped with product selection, justification and followed up with installation. NVMS also trained the team how to use the new equipment.

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