NVMS upgrades critical machinery protection system without any loss to production time


  • The plant’s process air compressor relies on a healthy vibration monitoring system to be operational. The system – a Bently Nevada 3300 Series Rack had a module failure with only one spare module available. The spare module was installed, but with no more spares and with the 3300 System being obsolete, the client needed an urgent solution. This became a critical issue as another module failure would cause an extended unplanned shutdown.


  • Since the BN 3300 Series System was obsolete with no spare parts or repair services available, a complete replacement of the system was required. A quick replacement turnaround was required to reduce any risk to production loss.
  • The BN 3500 Series System was selected as the obvious choice of the upgrade path – a like-for-like system upgrade where no new provisions or infrastructure was required, while at the same time offering enhanced reliability and machine condition diagnostic capabilities.
  • The BN 3500 System also allows operators to view and diagnose system health and view alarm history via a local display – a welcome feature which was not present in the previous generation 3300 System.
  • Communication of vibration data and instrumentation health to the control system, is also now available.


  • Quick turnaround of the upgrade was achieved, as the work quickly scheduled into an upcoming planned outage, and operation was continued with no losses to production.
  • While upgrading to the 3500, our team of technical experts also had the chance to check the transducer systems to ensure that that client was getting reliable vibration data.
  • The client gained a better understanding of the vibration monitoring world through training that NVMS provided as an addition to the upgrade work.

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