Bringing Reliability Centred Maintenance to the Health Industry

The Metro South Health team maintain building infrastructure and critical assets in four hospitals and multiple community health centres. The HVAC system is a critical asset and runs without redundancy during the summer months. With guidance from Stewart Wood at NVMS to select outcome-appropriate technology, the maintenance team set up their condition monitoring database in Commtest Ascent and collected their first data.

NVMS trained the team on the Commtest vb7 vibration analyser and Ascent software. Staff were trained on how to setup and use the database as well as the basic operations of the unit.


“Jordan’s been really good if I’ve asked him any questions relating to the Ascent software and the vb7 unit, he’s been very responsive and helpful. One of the other things too is setting up the database and actually using that software. That’s one of the things that you need some experience in as well. Any questions that I’ve had, whether it’s by telephone or email, NVMS just responded properly and helped us out and that’s been a great benefit to our condition monitoring program.”

Using the vibration analysis Metro South Health were able to identify 2 major problems that would’ve led to the replacement of the machinery if not detected.

Product Feature

The GE Commtest vb7 vibration analyser is suitable for every level of vibration analyst, from novice to expert. The vb7 offers the power and convenience of dual-channel measurement and dual-plane balancing and combines intuitive operation, ease of use with  outstanding storage capacity. The vb7 allows you to take  measurements and diagnose  issues with your equipment  quickly and easily.

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