For over 30 years NVMS has been delivering sensors, instrumentation, monitoring and management systems for condition monitoring, stress and strain, environmental and occupational noise and vibration.

At NVMS we always find a solution – We pride ourselves on being able to design and develop bespoke solutions to meet the needs of customers when standard solutions do not.

We partner with global service and product providers to drive efficiency, safety and productivity for industry.

Our Values



Safety first.



Respectful relationships are a key foundation.



Expertise built on a deep industry and product knowledge



We never work alone.



We take time to understand.



Empowering success.



We encourage excellence by caring.

mining oil and gas industries


In the mid-1980’s new oil and gas facilities were being established in North West Australia. Mining companies were using larger machines to push the boundaries of current equipment and expertise.

In 1987 The Late Professor Michael Norton and Dr Paul Keswick formed a consulting company to pioneer the application of sound and vibration technology (SVT) to enable industry to meet these challenges. It was clear the industry also needed high quality products to support these progressive changes and NVMS was established in 1989.

electrician at work

The late Professor Michael Norton, provided strong links to the University of Western Australia and fundamental research. This expertise was combined with the practical industrial experience of Dr Paul Keswick.

Early success was achieved by developing a business founded on customer focus and support. This philosophy has shaped NVMS through the implementation of a successful diversification strategy.

Today, NVMS provides end-to-end noise and vibration monitoring solutions for the resources, infrastructure and general industry in Australia and overseas.

The success of our business is underpinned by our people, many of who have been with NVMS since inception.

We are committed to shaping the future of our people and provide training and development for further growth.

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