3 reasons to keep your Noise Officer approval current

Keeping up with regulations in the occupational noise sector is vital for you to maintain strong employment prospects in WA and around Australia.

Your approved Noise Officer status expires after five years. In order to perform some tasks you need to keep your qualifications dust free and up to date. There are three main reasons to keep up to date with a two-day refresher course:

  1. When you have current qualifications, you maintain approval with the Department of Mines and Petroleum WA. Your qualification as a Noise Officer is recognised by Worksafe WA, NOPSEMA, WorkCover WA and other occupational health and safety authorities around Australia.
  2. Being approved as a Noise Officer looks good on your CV. It gives you another string to your occupational hygiene bow in a rapidly changing market where professionals are increasingly being asked to be multi-skilled.
  3. The Department of Mines and Petroleum are keeping tabs on your qualifications. They now have automated reminders with a strict cut-off date after which you won’t be able to perform measurements and produce reports.

To keep up to date, make sure you register for the two-day refresher or the full five-day course again before your existing approval expires.

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